The Statesman, N.Delhi
“Geeta Radhakrishna, who gave a Mohiniattam recital resembled a Ravi Varma painting with the emphasis on grace and poise. Added to this was her strict adherence to the style.”

The Hindustan Times, N.Delhi
The entire gamut of the performance being the Krishna legend and essentially based on lasya and shringara, Rasakreeda offered the artiste sufficient scope for abhinaya. Her eloquent eyes communicating the thematic essence of the episode of this item, was highly delectable.

The Times of India, Mumbai
The scenes, seven of them depicting the lord’s leela right from the mirthful prankster to the supreme omnipotent in a well knit mime oriented choreography with ripples of rhythm casting a lilting turn made a pleasant experience for well over two hours. And everytime Geeta performs, her touch of devotion comes to the focus in refreshing improvisation.”

The Times of India, Mumbai
“It was a devout portrayal of the Dharma Sashta – his birth, exploits and the worship rituals that Geeta attempted. And she did succeed in enacting the theme in a moving manner with her innate grace and mastery of the dance form.”

The Statesman, Calcutta
The most outstanding piece was the Rasakreeda Varnam. Her nritta and abhnaya or rhythmic movements and expression were well balanced and co-ordinated.”

Amrita Bazar Patrika , Calcutta
To transform the hymns of Narayaneeyam into a classical form of dance is not an Easy task. But Geeta Radhakrishna’s Mohiniattam ballet was a competent rendering of the same, drawing appreciation from the audience. The whole performance convinced the audience of her caliber both as a danseuse and a choreographer.

Dinamani – Tamil daily, Madras
The graceful body movements and illuminating abhinaya together brught forth a picture of Ravi Varma’s Painting alive. The portrayal of Mother Yashoda reprimanding her child Krishna, the surprise when she sees the three worlds in the mouth and finally leading the child home in Vishwarupadarshanam of Narayaneyam was most beautifully performed by Geeta.”

Mathrubhumi –Malayalam Daily, Kerala
Geeta drew the appreciation of houseful audience at Town Hall, Palghat, when she danced the story of Magdalana Mariam

Udayavani –Kannada daily, Mangalore
“The audience at Don Bosco Hall in Mangalore was hypnotized by the Mohiniattam recital of Geeta Radhakrishna. Amazing eye expressions and innate grace electrified the viewers to their seats for two and half hours whilst they watched her perform “Swamiye SaranamAyyappa”.

Ruhr Nachrichten –German Daily
“There is a certain fascination in the personality of Geeta Radhakrishna. Her dance at the holy family church in Grafenwald was based on the theme of Maria Magdalena. With expressive gestures she succeeded in bringing the subject of her dance to an enchanting climax. None in the audience had experienced something like this before.”

Soviet Union Monthly – Moscow
“Siberians applauded dancer Geeta Radhakrishna for her choreographic composition in Mohiniattam style.”

Mid - day, Mumbai
“Geeta moves Moscow to tears” – Vallathol’s Magdalana Mariam, the biblical story of Mary Magdalene performed in mohiniattam by Geeta Radhakrishna moved some of the audience to tears at the Moscow Art Theatre. The dancer was greeted with standing ovation in appreciation.”

De Echo –Amsterdam
“Geeta Radhakrishna with her dynamic personality and dramatic expressions literally charmed the packed audience with her unique presentation of Mohini Attem – the south Indian classical dance form of India.”

“Geeta’s pieces die resistance were two exquisite items- the Krishna Leela and the Rasakreeda. With her mature understanding grace and control, Geeta succeeded in perpetuating the high purpose and serene glory of human existence on earth.”

Deepika – Malayalam daily, Kerala
“Geeta Radhakrishna’s presentation of Magdalana Mariam, in Kerala, Thrissur for the first time, kept the audience spell bound.”

Evening News, Hindustan Times, N.Delhi
“Geeta’s presentation was in tune with the cultural ethos of India in which various religious streams have merged to create a unique scenario of unity in diversity.”

Financial Express, Mumbai
“Throughout the recital Geeta demonstrated her expertise and mastery over the art, keeping the audience enthralled. Her exposition of the 69th chapter of Narayaneeyam proved to be a class by itself.

The Hindu, N.Delhi
Just when one felt like giving up on Delhi audiences with their inexplicable neglect of quality dancers, a handsome turnout at the India International Centre, appreciatively watching a rare Mohiniattam performance by Mumbai based dancer Geeta Radhakrishna redeemed faith in audience taste.

Year Details
2013 On Guru Abhivaadan Divas, honoured by Kalasadan, Mumbai with Token of Appreciation for valuable contribution towards promotion of Indian Dance – Mohiniattam, on the occasion of their Diamond jubilee year celebration, at Ravindra Natya Mandir
2013 Presented with “Sangeet Prakarsh” for excellence in Indian Music and Dance by Patel Cultural Foundation, Mumbai at Bhavan’s Centre
2009 Ambassador to China – Smt.Nirupama Rao’s certificate of Appreciation for Mohiniattam performances at Incredible India celebrations in Beijing, China.
2008 “Nritya Kala Sagar” – presented by Nateshwar Kala Mandir, Bombay For invaluable contribution and upliftment to the Fine Art of Indian Classical Dance.
2008 “Vocational Excellence Award” presented by Rotary club of Mumbai, Kandivli – West, Mumbai
2006 President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s letter of Appreciation for the poem “Ahimsa- a path of love” in the book ‘Meditation on Ahimsa’.
2006 “Bharatha Kala Nipuna” Award for a distinguished Dancer, Guru, & Choreographer. Presented by Nateshwar Nritya Kala Mandir, Bandra.
2006 “Felicitation and Certificate” for outstanding excellence in Mohiniattam. Presented by Anjali Bharata Natyam Research Trust, Vasai, Thane.
2002 “Felicitation and Honour” Guru Purnima celebrations in 2002 - Platinum Jubilee year of Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya, and thereafter in 2004, 2009 & 2011 Bandra, Mumbai.
2001 “Certificate of Appreciation” presented by Ayyappa Seva Samgham Bombay at the hands of the traditional Supreme Priest of Sabarimala – Shri Maheswararu Thantri for the 80th performance of Narayaneeyam at the Shree Ayyappa temple, Goregoan.
1999 “Sarvashree” Award with Gold medal for outstanding contribution to Mohiniattam by Special Executive Magistrates Society, Mumbai.
1999 "Nairshree” Award for excellent dedication in performing and promoting the art form of Kerala in India and Internationally by “Nair Samskarika Samiti, Maharashtra.”
1989-91 “Fellowship” awarded by Govt. of India for outstanding work and Research in Mohiniattam by Dept of Culture, N.Delhi
1975 “Scholarship” for Research in Mohiniattam awarded by Bhulabhai Memorial Institute, Bombay
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